Residential Roofing Maintenance Plan

Partnering with a roofing company on your roofing maintenance provides many benefits. 

Choose AnyWeather for Roof Maintenance

Getting started only takes a phone call to (513) 854-0055 in ,Cincinnati,  (859) 888-1669 in Northern Kentucky or  (937) 709-4965 in Dayton, OH to schedule your roofing inspection. From there, we’ll see you twice a year to ensure your roof is sound and ready to protect your home and family. Call or fill out our contact form today!

Do You Have a Residential Roofing Maintenance Plan?

If you don’t, call AnyWeather Roofing to get started on yours. Roofing maintenance isn’t just for commercial buildings; every home should have a maintenance plan in place. Partnering with a roofing company on your roofing maintenance provides many benefits. You may initially see it as an added cost, but when your neighbors are spending large amounts on major roof repair or premature roof replacement, you’ll see the advantage of a roofing maintenance plan.

The biggest benefit is avoiding premature roof failure, either in the form of a major repair or early replacement; however, there are more. Because your roof takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath, you want it to protect your home. When it’s well-maintained, it can do that. Water follows the path of least resistance, and a roof leak left undetected for long periods of time can result in damage to everything from the roof itself all the way down to the foundation.

What Our Roofing Maintenance Program Includes

Twice a year, AnyWeather Roofing will come to your home to provide you with a complete written inspection report.
From there, we’ll perform the following maintenance tasks:

  • Remove debris from roof surface.
  • Caulk or otherwise seal flashing and boots.
  • Attach loose shingles when safe to do so.
  • Trim branches touching the roof.
  • Clean skylights as applicable.
  • Clean and reaffix loose gutters.

If you choose, we’ll perform any necessary roof repairs discovered during the roofing inspection. As a preferred customer, you’ll receive a 10% discount on all repairs. You’ll also receive the benefit of priority status should a major storm hit, causing extensive storm damage to the area.


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Understanding Why a New Roof Estimate Can Vary

We see pricing all over the place from licensed roofers. We know that it can be confusing when one new roof estimate is so much lower than another. If your quote doesn’t clearly define everything that is included, you may be surprised at the end of the job when miscellaneous extras are tacked on. Make sure you use a roofer who clearly defines what is included in your new roof estimate and answers any questions you have clearly and confidently.


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