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Both homeowners and commercial building owners can benefit from regular roofing inspections. 


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If you want a reliable inspection report for your home or commercial building, call AnyWeather Roofing. Our expert roofers & inspectors will provide complete documentation for your records and will schedule any necessary roof repairs.

Inspection Reports Protect You

Both homeowners and building owners can benefit from regular roofing inspections that include an inspection report. When you’re selling a home or business, these reports prove to the prospective buyer that you’ve been maintaining your roof, adding value to the property. If you’re a homeowner and have an insurance claim, a recent inspection report can prove your roof was in properly maintained and in good condition prior to the storm or other damage.

What Does a Roof Inspection Report Include?

Residential roofing inspections performed by the professionals at AnyWeather Roofing include a thorough evaluation of the roof’s surface, fascia, soffits, gutters and skylights. We’ll also look inside the attic at the ventilation, insulation, any signs of existing water damage, and previous repairs performed by other roofing companies. Once we’ve completed our evaluation, our roof inspection report includes documentation about our findings and any repair recommendations.

Commercial roofing inspections are just as detailed but examine a few different things. We’ll do the same inspection of the roof’s surface and look inside the building at the underside of the roof. The seals around each A/C unit (or other equipment on the roof) will be inspected and documented. We will also evaluate drainage and provide an evaluation of its condition. In the end, your inspection report will include all our findings, repair recommendations and supporting documentation.

Once repairs are complete or contracted with AnyWeather Roofingg, we can start on annual maintenance. Because there are so many different roofing surfaces, each roof has its own roofing maintenance plan. All our commercial roof maintenance packages start with an inspection on each visit and removal of any debris. Most packages include sealing of minor tears and around roof protrusions. From there, every maintenance package is customized to your specific building and roof.


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