Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan

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Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

If you’re ready to partner with an expert commercial roofer, contact AnyWeather Roofing today. We’ll schedule an initial roofing inspection and present you with a written report of our findings and roof maintenance recommendations.Call our Cincinnati office at (513) 854-0055. For Northern Kentucky you can reach us at  (859) 888-1669. For our Dayton, OH office call us at (937) 709-4965 for your free roof inspection.

Roofing Maintenance Benefits

Although a building owner or manager may see the cost savings as the biggest benefit of regular commercial roof maintenance, there are also benefits for the building’s occupants. These benefits include:

  • Reduced downtime and lost productivity due to a roof leak.
  • Better air quality equating to healthier employees.
  • Less inventory and equipment damage due to water damage.
  • Reduced water damage insurance claims, potentially keeping premiums lower.
  • Makes a better impression on customers.

Additionally, if your tenants are happier with the building, they’re less likely to move out, reducing lost income from vacant spaces

The biggest benefit is avoiding premature roof failure, either in the form of a major repair or early replacement; however, there are more. Because your roof takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath, you want it to protect your home. When it’s well-maintained, it can do that. Water follows the path of least resistance, and a roof leak left undetected for long periods of time can result in damage to everything from the roof itself all the way down to the foundation.

What a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan Includes

Before we can create a commercial roof maintenance program for your building, we’ll need to perform a complete roofing inspection. We will generate a written report that will include the roof’s material, necessary repair recommendations, and expected remaining life with regular ongoing maintenance. We can’t add you to our maintenance program without first completing any recommended roof repairs.

Once repairs are complete or contracted with AnyWeather Roofingg, we can start on annual maintenance. Because there are so many different roofing surfaces, each roof has its own roofing maintenance plan. All our commercial roof maintenance packages start with an inspection on each visit and removal of any debris. Most packages include sealing of minor tears and around roof protrusions. From there, every maintenance package is customized to your specific building and roof.


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