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AnyWeather Roofing allows you to visualize your home’s new look with a few clicks of a button.


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Visualize Your New Roof With Our Virtual Remodeler

It can be hard to envision how one’s home will look with a new roof and/or siding installed. AnyWeather Roofing takes the guesswork out of this process by inviting our clients to use our Virtual Remodeler, powered by GAF.

  • In three easy steps you can be on your way to redesigning your home.
  • View what a house will look like with shingles or siding that add bold new color(s)
  • Adjust the trim colors
  • Compare different colors or types of shingles

Should you wish one of our AnyWeather Roofing experts can help you use this tool while discussing the various options in detail!

Step 1- Upload Your Photo: 

In order to see the results on your home you will need to upload a picture of it. This photo should be in landscape format. For best results try to get as much of your home in the photo as possible. If you are unable to get a photo of your home, the Virtual Remodeler has a large Sample Photo Gallery so you choose a type of house that best matches your home. 

Step 2 – Identify the Parts of Your Home: 

GAF’s Virtual Remodeler does a great job in automatically determining the different parts of your home. However, in order to get the most realistic view, you may have to identify certain parts of your home. To begin, click the red “Image Editor” button that is located on top of your home’s image. Follow the steps to define your home’s features. If you need more help you can view the Image Mapper Help Video located to the left your home’s photo.

Step 3 – Customize Your Home:

This is the most exciting step! Once your home has been mapped you can begin designing. The Virtual Remodeler allows you to choose everything from shingles to the color of your front door. It has never been easier to visualize the thousands of possibilities for your home’s design. Once you are happy with the results you can download, share, print, or email your new design by clicking the three lines above your home’s photo complete with a list of your new color choices.

Please note that due to variations in screens and printers the final result can vary. To ensure the best match please ask your AnyWeather Roofing professional for samples.

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