Single Ply Roof

Single Ply Roofs are one of the most common yet longest-lasting commercial roofing products available.


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Single-Ply TPO Commercial Roof

Although single-ply roofing comes in two different varieties, the most popular is TPO. With over a 20-year proven track record as an excellent commercial roofing material, more than 50% of single-ply roofs today are TPO. The many benefits include:

  • Long life expectancy – With proper maintenance, a TPO roof will last. In fact, GAF and AnyWeather Roofing offer a 30-year guarantee. It has excellent long-term heat and UV resistance. 
  • Energy efficiency – Although TPO from GAF is available in many colors, white remains the most popular choice for its high solar reflective properties which help lower your cooling costs. 
  • Resists mold and mildew growth – You won’t spend time or money treating your roof with chemicals to destroy algae. 
  • Strength – Because the seams are heat-welded, they are stronger than other sealing methods. This also helps prevent wind uplift of individual sheets.

Single-Ply PVC Roofing System

Single-Ply PVC roofing offers similar advantages to TPO roofing, such as heat-welded seams and excellent solar reflectivity. However, it comes with additional benefits. Specifically designed for businesses requiring a roof resistant to grease, oil, and chemicals, our PVC roofing is backed by a 25-year guarantee. As a company specializing in commercial roof repairs, we value the ease of maintenance and repair that comes with PVC roofing, ultimately contributing to cost savings.

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