Single Ply Roof

One of the most common yet longest-lasting commercial roofing products available.


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No matter what product you choose for your commercial roof replacement, choose a roofing company with proven experience for its installation and maintenance. AnyWeather Roofing provides expert commercial roof replacement, new roof installation, maintenance and repair for all single-ply roofing throughout Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. Contact us today for your no-obligation consultation with one of our commercial roofing specialists by calling our Northern Kentucky office at (859) 888-1669, our Dayton location at (937) 709-4965 or our Cincinnati location at (513) 854-0055.

Single-Ply TPO Commercial Roof

Although single-ply roofing comes in two different varieties, the most popular is TPO. With over a 20-year proven track record as an excellent commercial roofing material, more than 50% of single-ply roofs today are TPO. The many benefits include:

  • Long life expectancy – With proper maintenance, a TPO roof will last. In fact, GAF and AnyWeather Roofing offer a 30-year guarantee. It has excellent long-term heat and UV resistance.
  • Energy efficiency – Although TPO from GAF is available in many colors, white remains the most popular choice for its high solar reflective properties which help lower your cooling costs.
  • Resists mold and mildew growth – You won’t spend time or money treating your roof with chemicals to destroy algae.
  • Strength – Because the seams are heat-welded, they are stronger than other sealing methods. This also helps prevent wind uplift of individual sheets.

Single-Ply PVC Roofing System

With many of the same benefits as TPO roofing, like heat-welded seams and high solar reflectivity, PCV roofing from GAF has other advantages. Because some businesses need a roof that can handle grease, oil and chemicals, we offer PVC roofing. It is guaranteed up to 25 years. As a commercial roof repair company, we appreciate the ease of repair that can help reduce maintenance costs.

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Restoration Needs
Restoration Needs

Independence Kentucky is one of the fastest growing cities in Northern Kentucky. Comprised of the 41015, 41018, 41042, and 41051 zip codes. As homes in Independence continue to age, the chance for flooding incidents caused by busted or clogged pipes and sump pump failures increases. When the unexpected happens AnyWeather will be there to help.

Restuarants, Office Buildings, Retail Locations, Rental Properties and More

Water damage not only affects your home but your business. Every day you are closed you are losing money.  The longer it takes for water damage to be corrected, the cost, time and headaches rise.  Trust the experts at AnyWeather to quickly and efficiently restore water damage to your Independence, KY business. Do you own rental property? Water damage to Independence Rental homes can lead to a loss of rental income and potentially tenants. AnyWeather Restoration will work hard to restore your property to it’s pre-flood condition.

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