Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen Roofs are a common and practical commercial roofing system


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Modified Bitumen, Flat Roof Estimate

If you want to know if one of these exceptional GAF roofing products is right for your roof, contact AnyWeather Roofing for more information and a no-obligation roof estimate.

Modified Bitumen Roofing for Your Commercial Building

As a common and practical commercial roofing product, modified bitumen offers superior strength, flexibility and impact resistance for your building. GAF offers SBS Membrane, Self-Adhered and APP membrane products for you to consider for your roof replacement. Each offers different benefits and has a slightly different installation method, but you can be assured that AnyWeather Roofing has experience in all installations.

GAF’s Modified Bitumen Roofing Products

GAF offers three lines of Mod-Bit roofing. Each has slightly different installation methods and benefits:

  • SBS Membrane – This is one of the most versatile commercial roofing products when it comes to both use and installation. It can be used on traditional roofs, green roofs, car parking structures and more. As for installation, it can be installed using hot asphalt, with torch down or a cold process.
  • Self-Adhered – As the name implies, installation is done by removing the self-adhesive backing. It’s a woven fabric so it has excellent tear strength, making it acceptable for many applications.
  • APP Membrane – Available in both a smooth and granule finish, APP membrane is applied with the torch down method. It is also extremely durable and lightweight.

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