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 Virtually all flat roof applications can utilize this budget-friendly commercial roofing product.


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If you’re ready for an estimate for a built-up roofing product on your new or existing flat roof, contact AnyWeather Roofing. One of our commercial roofing specialists will provide you with a no-obligation estimate and help you choose the best commercial roofing product for your building. For our Cincinnati office, call (513) 854-0055, Northern Kentucky (859) 888-1669 or Dayton, OH (937) 709-4965.  Commercial Roof Installs in Dayton, Ohio, Greater Cincinnati and all of Northern Kentucky.

Built-Up Roofing for the Most Demanding Roof Applications

Virtually all flat roof applications can utilize this budget-friendly commercial roofing product. Built-up roofing, sometimes referred to as BUR, offers the benefits of a multi-layered membrane with low maintenance. Depending on the finishing layer, it can also provide a roof’s surface with solar reflectivity, potentially lowering cooling costs for the building.


These two built-up roofing options, available from GAF and AnyWeather Roofing, can provide excellent protection for your commercial building. Depending on your individual application, current roofing system and goals for your new roof, one may be better than the other. No matter which product you ultimately choose for your commercial roof replacement or commercial roof installation, you can be confident in the final result when you choose AnyWeather Roofing.

Regardless of which BUR product you choose, it will be one of the most inexpensive commercial roofing products over the entire lifecycle. If your roof has high traffic, the multiple layers and exceptional tensile strength make BUR an excellent choice. Because the final layer is gravel, it stands up to both wind and fire better than many other options.

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