PREMIERone UVC Light Air Purifier System

“Make Your Home Healthier” by installing the most effective Air Purification System on the planet — PREMIERone

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PREMIERone UV Air Purification

  • Quiet and effective air purification system
  • Produces natural germicidal rays that kill germs and control allergens
  • UV Germicidal lights are used in hospitals nationwide
  • Forced air furnaces ditribute pollutants so it is the best place to kill germs, viruses, and mold
  • To learn more about pricing and installing a new unit call 859-448-7109

PREMIERone Pure Flo Features

  • Control smoke, dust, dander, pollen and other particulates.
  • Effectivley filters without restricting air flow
  • Affordable with minimal installation/labor costs
  • Traps bacteria, germs, and viruses more effectively than Merv 11 filters.
  • Easy installation – fits in existing furnace filter slot
  • Lifetme warranty on electronics

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