AC & Cooling Services

Get expert Air Conditioner and AC services from a local, family-owned company, AnyWeather Heating & Air, in Cincinnati, OH & Northern Kentucky. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our Air Conditioner Replacements, Ductless Cooling System Installations, AC Repair, & Maintenance Services.

AnyWeather Heating & Air, Cincinnati HVAC Company

AC & Cooling Services

Get expert Air Conditioner and AC services from a local, family-owned company, AnyWeather Heating & Air, in Cincinnati, OH & Northern Kentucky. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our Air Conditioner Replacements, Ductless Cooling System Installations, AC Repair, & Maintenance Services.

AnyWeather Heating & Air, Cincinnati HVAC Company

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Air Conditioning Replacement Services

AC Replacement

Air Conditioning replacement, sales, and installation. Is your AC system no longer efficiently cooling? Then, it’s time to replace it with a high-efficiency air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless mini-split. We deliver the best AC installation services in the Cincinnati and NKY region.


Expert Air Conditioner repair services in NKY and Cincinnati

AC Repair Services

Is your cooling system failing, making noises, or no longer working? Time to contact the air conditioning repair experts! AnyWeather Heating & Air’s HVAC technicians will complete a detailed AC inspection, explain all your options, and make any needed repairs. Get air conditioner repairs you can trust!

High Efficiency Heat Pump and ductless AC systems

Heat Pump Systems

High-efficiency, variable-speed heat pump systems paired with a variable-speed fan coil / air handler offer one of the most efficient air conditioning systems available. Heat pumps are also how ductless mini splits efficiently heat and cool homes.


Furnace and Heating System Maintenance Plans

AC Maintenance Plans

Customized maintenance plans for all types of air conditioning systems. Our licensed HVAC technicians will check, clean, & maintain your cooling system helping maximize its life and efficiency. Care plans for heat pumps, traditional AC units, and mini splits.


Air Conditioning Systems That Cool Efficiently, Effectively, and Economically

AnyWeather Heating & Air’s Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH air conditioning contractors are experts when it comes to helping our valued customers optimally cool their homes. Being a local HVAC company, we understand that summer in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati means hot days. As a result, keeping your home comfortably cool will account for the largest portion of your monthly bill from the utility company. AnyWeather Heating & Air helps our customers manage their utility costs by selling and installing high efficiency home air conditioning systems.

As a Tempstar Elite dealer, we offer the very best quality air conditioners for sale. In addition AnyWeather provides expert new air conditioner replacement & installation, reliable air conditioner repairs (after hour services available), and practical cooling system maintenance programs.

All of our HVAC, cooling equipment, and air conditioning contractor services are available throughout Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati, OH tri-state area. 

Learn About The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) Rating Of New AC System

When comparing available air conditioners for sale it is important to understand an air conditioning unit’s SEER rating. So what is a SEER Rating? SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. In the warmer months, the AC system thermostat is kept in the on position, allowing it to determine the length of time your unit will run to reach the comfort level you choose. During sunny sweltering days, the system runs more often than during overcast days. You hear the unit kick on more in August than in April. 

The SEER rating reflects the overall efficiency of the AC system over the course of a full cooling season. A higher SEER rating is preferable to a lower SEER rating, as it reflects more efficient energy usage. Translation: comfort at a lower operating cost. SEER ratings have improved over time, with the national standard currently at 13 versus 10 only a decade ago. Thus a newer system will usually operate at greater seasonal efficiency than the one it replaces.

AnyWeather Heating & Air specialists will work with you to assist in selecting the optimal size and most efficient air conditioning system for your home. We install state of the art, high efficiency units with a variety of SEER ratings. The HVAC industry has transitioned from SEER ratings to “SEER2”

    Choosing the Right AC System for Your Cincinnati Home

      Three factors most important to consider in selecting the best air conditioning system are budget, efficiency, and comfort. AnyWeather’s HVAC technicians show you the exact amount of capacity a given space requires for sufficient cooling. They determine the square footage of the room to calculate the capacity—BTUs per hour—needed to reach and maintain the desired indoor temperature.

      The above process is known as a load calculation. Once the load calculations are completed, Your AnyWeather air conditioning contractor is able to present the options to help you determine the best balance of comfort, efficiency and cost.

      Whether you are looking for a traditional high efficiency AC system, a heat pump system, or a ductless mini split system…we invite you to call us today for a free estimate and consultation.

        Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement services click here

        Find Air Conditioner Repair Services in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, OH

        It’s frustrating when your air conditioning system fails to provide your home with cool air. Is your unit repeatedly shutting on and off at frequent intervals, making unusual noises, showing ice formation on pipes or not running at all? AnyWeather’s experienced technicians can diagnose and repair your AC promptly. We service all brands and types of HVAC systems. Learn more about our Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH area air conditioning repair services.

        Expert HVAC Consultation For Clients Building a New Home / Major Renovations 

        Considering new home construction or major renovations? AnyWeather Heating & Air will work with your architect or builder to install the best heating and cooling equipment for your residence. We are also qualified to install geothermal systems.

        Every AnyWeather system installation features the latest technology, including WiFi thermostat control of your heating and cooling systems. And our customer focused service continues well beyond installation. If you have any issues with your furnace or air conditioning, we offer 24-Hour Emergency Service.

        Ductless Mini Split Systems For Sale In Greater Cincinnati & NKY

        Mini Split systems are great for homes without conventional duct systems and other spaces including garages, workshops and sun rooms. Ductless heating and cooling systems deliver warm or cool conditioned air directly into individual rooms in your home. You may also hear them called mini-split, multi-split, or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. AnyWeather Heating & Air offers a variety of mini-split / ductless air conditioning systems for sale in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH.

        AnyWeather Offers Residential and Commercial Sales, Service & Installation For:

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