Roof Hail Damage

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Do I have Roof Hail Damage?

Most of the time, the roof damage caused by hail is not immediate. In many instances, you won’t even be able to see the hail damage from the ground. Hail damage, when left to worsen, can lead to rot of the underlayment and roof decking, mold, bacteria, and other water damage problems. If you think you might have roof hail damage and located in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati or Dayton Ohio please give us a call to schedule a free inspection.

Think Ahead!

Hail damage will not disappear, when you go to sell your home the home inspectors see it and it leads to the new buyer wanting to discount the sales price to cover the cost of a new roof and it may be to late to claim the damage on your homeowners policy.

Hail damages and loosens the granual on your shingles, The granual is the little rocks you see, it is there to protect the asphalt (which is the waterproofer on the shingle) from the sun UV light which destroys it.

Hail can break the fiberglass mat which is the skeleton of the shingle, leading to rapid deterioration and blow off.


AnyWeather will inspect your roof for signs of hail damage and provide you a free estimate.

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