Water Damage – Roof & Structure Damage

Snow Emergencies have been issued throughout Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati by local and state authorities. Ice storms create a variety of problems that result in damage to homes, buildings, their roofs, and hvac systems.

AnyWeather Restoration is on standby providing 24/7 emergency damage repair response services throughout Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati, OH area.

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage

As temperatures drop below freezing pipes can freeze and then burst causing significant water damage to a home or building. AnyWeather’s water damage restoration team is on standby ready to help 24/7!

Falling Trees Cause Roof and Structure Damage

Ice accumulation on trees and tree branches cause them to break and fall damaging roofs and buildings. This often requires emergency tarping and/or board up services, along with roof repair services. AnyWeather’s restoration team and roofers are on standby.

Power Outages and Electrical Component Damage

In addition to damaging roofs, trees and tree limbs can fall on power lines due to ice accumulation and create power outages which can damage the electrical components in HVAC systems. Below freezing temperatures and no heat due to a broken furnace can create an emergency situation. Our HVAC company, AnyWeather Heating & Air also offers emergency furnace and heating system repair services.

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