Make sure your Thanksgiving holiday plans are free of Fire!

In the Event of a Fire


Put a lid over the fire and turn off the stovetop elements. If the fire becomes out of control evacuate the house and call 911.


Keep the door closed and turn off the oven. If the fire gets out of control, get everyone out of the house and call 911.


Get out! Get everyone out a safe distance away from the home. Remember to close the door behind you. Call 911.



Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather. But did you know it is also a day with 3 times the daily average of home cooking fires?  There are an average of 2000 home fires every year on Thanksgiving Day, with the attendant injuries, deaths, and millions of dollars in damages. It is always sad when AnyWeather Restoration gets a call on Thanksgiving to an emergency fire cleanup job. Keep your loved ones safe this holiday with our Thanksgiving Day Safety Tips.



We know it’s easy to get distracted and wander away from the kitchen in all the excitement. Be sure that someone is always keeping an eye on the stovetop while it is on.

It can be tempting to run to the store to get that can of cranberry sauce you forgot while your turkey is roasting. Never leave your home while your oven is on and be sure to check your turkey frequently.
Do not leave your turkey cooking unattended

With the excitement of the day it’s easy for the kids to get carried away. Getting to see family who they may not get to see often can get them all riled up. Keep children away from the stove and any other hot surface. Hot foods and liquids, such as gravy, can cause serious burns with lifelong consequences. Don’t leave cords or knives within reach.

We all want our house to smell great, even if we burned the stuffing. Maybe the spare bedroom needs a little freshening up?  According to the United States Fire Association, fires from candles cause around 150 deaths, 1,270 injuries, and almost $540 million worth of damage each year. 

To keep your home and family safe, never leave a candle unattended or go to sleep with a candle still burning. Never place the candle near anything flammable. More than half of the over 15,000 residential fires caused by candles are the result of  holiday decorations being placed too close to a flammable object. Always decorate carefully!


Before you fill your home with guests be sure to check your smoke detectors. Most can easily be checked by pushing the test button. If there are any not working, change the batteries.


A fire extinguisher isn’t something you think of adding to your Thanksgiving shopping list, but every home should have one. There are many different kinds available at a range of price points. If you have any questions or need help, your local fire department should be able to give you appropriate guidance.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests you use an “oil-less turkey fryer” instead of a gas-fueled fryer. If you do go the traditional hot oil method here are some tips for staying safe.

  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Only use the fryer OUTDOORS. These devices were meant for outdoor use. They should be placed on a level and sturdy surface away from your home, people, pets and any combustible materials.
  • Do not overfill – overfilling your fryer can cause oil to spill creating a fire hazard. Not sure how much oil to add? Place your turkey in the cold fryer and cover with water. Remove the turkey and measure the water. This is how much oil you will need.
  • Check the temperature of the oil with a cooking thermometer to prevent overheating
  • Never leave your fryer unattended.  REMEMBER: Never use water to put out an oil fire. A fire extinguisher is the best option.

Do not overfill your a turkey fryer

Should the worst happen and you experience a fire loss this holiday season, AnyWeather Restoration is here to help. From smoke and soot cleanup to water removal and rebuilding, AnyWeather has you covered. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure your home is back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.