Dont Cut Corners when it comes to your roof replacement in Cincinnati, OH.

In our 10+ years in business, AnyWeather Roofing has seen firsthand just about every possible way roofers have found to maximize their profit by sacrificing quality when installing, replacing, or repairing a roofing system.   

We have compiled the following 6 item checklist so you can cover important aspects of your job by asking the right questions before selecting a Cincinnati roofing contractor to replace your roof.

What To Watch Out For When Evaluating Roofing Estimates…

  1. Does the contractor use asphalt base felt paper? This material is outdated and thus less in demand and less expensive. Synthetic underlayment offers much more protection for your roof than outdated materials and we use the state of the art synthetic for all of our roofing systems. 
  2. Does your company use designated starter strips or are 3 tab shingles used as a starter?   We have seen many contractors over the years use a builder grade 3 tab shingle rather than the designated starter strip that all roofing systems should have around the perimeter of their home.  We use highly trusted, brand name GAF starter strips to ensure the highest quality installation. 
  3. Will there be builder grade 3 tab shingles installed over ridge vents, or a Hip and Ridge shingle specifically designed for this purpose?  Again, many contractors will save a buck by using a builder grade 3 tab shingle on top of ridge vent systems rather than a designated Hip and Ridge shingle, as most customers do not know the difference.  We always use a highly rated GAF brand Seal-A-Ridge Shingle on all of your hips and all of your ridges. This will ensure the highest possible wind rating and quality. 
  4. Ice and water shield in the valleys, around chimneys, and all penetrations. The #1 cause of leaks in roofing systems we see is due to the previous roofing contractor failing to install a high quality ice and water shield in the valleys under your shingles or valley metal, chimneys, and all penetrations. Because this is not visibly seen, most customers simply do not know to ask their contractor to make sure this item is installed, but it is one of the most important items you can have installed. 
  5. Chimney counter flashing.  Many roofing companies will replace the step flashing on your chimney and say they have “re-flashed it.” Your chimney has not been properly reflashed until your counter flashing (the flashing you can see) and the step flashing (what you cannot see). have both been replaced. 
  6. Drip edge and gutter apron – Many contractors will not replace drip edge metal on the rakes (gable), as well as gutter apron metal on the eaves (gutter line). These protective metals are very important in the functionality of your roofing system and should always be replaced and never re-used.