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Are you looking for the best Cincinnati Roofer? Repairing or replacing your roof is an important investment. This is why working with a professional roofing contractor in Cincinnati, OH exhibiting the knowledge and track record necessary to ensure a successful project is a wise course of action.

Your roof repair or replacement is not simply measured in terms of shingles, labor and the price you pay. A satisfactory experience is a function of the entire experience, before, during, and well after the project is completed.

Remember, you’re not simply buying shingles and labor, you’re entrusting your home to a contractor who in some cases is literally tearing the roof off your home.

Each year the Better Business Bureau publishes complaint statistics directed to local roofing companies on its web site. While it comes as no surprise to know roofing contractors do have their share of complaints, it can be enlightening  to investigate how many of the complaints go unresolved.

In many cases not only are the complaints not addressed, in many cases the contractor can not be found to resolve them.

Bottom line: it is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner to perform their due diligence and not allow themselves to be swayed by cost alone or contractors who overpromise, underdeliver, and lack a reputation for competency and addressing any issues which may arise once they pull away from you job site upon “completion” of your project.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Company or Contractor

Before you spend your money, our strong recommendation is to consider the following guidelines in your contractor selection process:

  1. Check to make sure the contractor has a permanent place of business for their local Cincinnati area roofing company and is not using a post office box. Many sources of customer dissatisfaction involve low bid, undercapitalized contractors. If the contractor is not permanently established, how can you be sure he will complete the work, or will still be in business if there is a problem after the job is deemed to be complete? 
  2. Insist on seeing the contractors proof of liability and workman’s compensation insurance, and please make sure the coverage is in effect for the duration of the project. Your contractor should be able to provide detailed information and specifics on their insurance coverage, including the name and telephone number of their insurance agent so you can verify the information. Many homeowners have been financially harmed by failing to document this information.
  3. Call the Better Business Bureau. Even the best contractors find themselves in a dispute for one reason or another. The question you want to ask is: what was done about the dispute after it occurred. The Better Business Bureau will be able to tell you if the contractor worked with the homeowner to rectify the situation. 
  4. Insist on a detailed written proposal. The contractor should be able to provide a detailed description of how they will perform the work and what materials they will use. The proposal provided should include complete descriptions of the job specifications and the materials selected. The proposal should also indicate the approximate start and completion date and payment terms. The homeowner should verify that all building code requirements are being met. This is especially important when ice dams or related protection is included in the job. 
  5. Ask the contractor about their workmanship warranty. This is important because the leading cause of leaks is installation errors made by the contractor. It is unwise to be swayed by long term warranties provided by the manufacturer. These warranties are limited and dependent upon the contractor installing the product correctly.
  6. Look for a Cincinnati roofing contractor with a proven track record and able to provide references who have offered to be contacted. Ask references about the character of the workers. Ask about the measures taken to protect their property, especially during the shingle removal process if applicable. Ask about the quality of the cleanup after the job was completed. Finally, ask if the final price reflected the estimate. True professionals will not be put off by these questions and will recognize both your savviness as well as the opportunity to gain another good referral when your job is completed